Led Through The Jungle!

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Led Through The Jungle is a true story about time I spent travelling through Colombia which inluded walking through a jungle near the border with Venezeula. It was a time of some risk in Colombia but my Colombian friend's careful planning enabled me to experienve small wild monkeys in that park as well as involvement with other native animals including cuddling a three toed sloth, seeing a large caypybara up close as well as holdihg a macaw and seeing iguanas and chameleons. The experience is tinged with the lively festivities of the local people and includes fireworks, rubber rafting, walkiing amongst butterflies and emersion in a waterfall filled pool - not to mention celebrating with a mariachi band and falling out of a seaside hammock. The story is enhanced by sound effects including local music, cries if domestic animals , the tolling of church bells and more.