Seconds to Live or Die Life-Saving Lessons from a Former CIA Officer

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We never know when violence might be visited upon us—at home, in the workplace, at school—anywhere. Crime, sexual assaults, threats to our children, and terrorist attacks are all part of the global landscape.

There are concrete measures anyone can take to mitigate danger and if necessary, to fight like a sociopath to defeat a sociopath.

Robert Montgomery wrote Seconds to Live or Die to help you prevail in the face of unexpected violence. Drawing on his experiences as a career CIA officer, Robert offers up proven methods in self-protection for you and your family at home, on the street, and abroad.

By practicing what you find in this book, you can learn to control fear, hone your situational awareness, and when the unimaginable happens, cycle through denial, deliberation, and into action to effectively fight for your life—irrespective of gender, experience, or physical ability. In violence, every fraction of a second can mean the difference between finding yourself above dirt—or six feet under.