Artificial Divide

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Step into a world of rogue screen readers, Braille in fantasy worlds, a friend meeting an acquaintance after several years, and more.

This #OwnVoices anthology features fiction by Blind and visually impaired authors showing readers how they thrive, hurt, get revenge, outsmart bullies, or go on epic adventures. Artificial Divide is an own-voices story collection that captures the many layers of Blindness and, for once, puts visually impaired protagonists in the driver's seat, letting us glimpse their lives.

When we think about it, we're not really divided.


  • Opening Credits

    Duration: 59s
  • Dedication

    Duration: 10s
  • Introduction by Robert Kingett

    Duration: 06min
  • Night Pixie by Heather Meares

    Duration: 12min
  • Mishipizheu by Tessa Soderberg

    Duration: 06min
  • Getting Back Alive by Lawrence Gunther

    Duration: 14min
  • A Time for Poppies by Lawrence Gunther

    Duration: 41min
  • The Misty Torrent by Ann Chiappetta

    Duration: 15min
  • The Glasses by Eunice Cooper-Matchett

    Duration: 15min
  • Touched by An Angel by Rebecca Blaevoet

    Duration: 14min
  • The Blood Trees by Jamieson Wolfe

    Duration: 21min
  • Noa and the Dragon by Jameyanne Fuller

    Duration: 30min
  • A Firefly of Hope by Alice Eakes

    Duration: 48min
  • Heroic Dream by Randy Lacey

    Duration: 08min
  • How Is It You Sing by Niki White

    Duration: 24min
  • Student Teaching by Felix Imonti

    Duration: 21min
  • Catgirl Heart and Skin by Melissa Yuan-Innes

    Duration: 19min
  • Life After Dark by Anita Haas

    Duration: 48min
  • Inspiration Porn Star by M. Leona Godin

    Duration: 39min
  • Closing Credits

    Duration: 59s