The Godkiller

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Skharr wants a break. He needs a break in his life, and a quiet trip back to Verenvan. It doesn't look like that is going to happen.

An old god might be making waves in a dungeon that has laid undisturbed for centuries. No one wants that to happen, so Skharr is asked by a local temple of Theros to get involved.

Unfortunately, the temple does not have many resources to offer him. The one paladin who happens to be nearby is on a sabbatical. And she has definetly heard of the Barbarian of Theros.

It's Skharr, a paladin on sabbatical, and three mercenaries who are just along for the treasure against what most likely will be power beyond a DeathEater's ability to handle.

Not one to shy away from danger, Skharr and Horse aim their path back to Verenvar.

They just need to find and kill an Old God . . . and not die before they get there.


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