It Is Only A Very Silent Mind That Can Actually See – Amsterdam 1967

  • Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Narrator: Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Publisher: SAGA Egmont
  • Duration: 1:32:30
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Listen to talks from J. Krishnamurti's Amsterdam gathering in The Netherlands, 1967.This talk: It is only a very silent mind that can actually see – May 30, 1967.• Conflict exists only when there are two opposing things: fear and non-fear, violence and non-violence.• A mind that is in a state of inquiry is entirely different from a mind that is seeking. Seeking implies effort, conformity, authority and therefore conflict.• Without space in which there is no boundary, the mind is incapable of coming upon immeasurable reality.• It is only a silent mind that can perceive, actually see, not a chattering mind, a controlled mind, a mind that is tortured, suppressed, yielding or indulging.• When one has totally denied the psychological world which man has created, and the psychological structure of society of which we are, then there is space and silence.• Q: Could you define contemplation and meditation?• Q: It is not possible ever to observe totally one's own irrational thoughts.• Q: What does it mean to stand alone?