The Enemies of Salvation The Flesh, the World, and the Devil

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“Since the religious revolution of the sixteenth century, to no man has the Catholic Church in Scotland been so much indebted as to Bishop Hay. He is pre-eminently her bishop of the last three hundred years.”

- Bishop John Strain, Archbishop of the Metropolitan see of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, 1810–1883 

Enemies of Salvation complements TAN’s already vast catalog of timeless Catholic books that have been updated and now reprinted for your spiritual growth. Besides producing traditional Catholic content from living authors, TAN Books looks to the saints and spiritual masters of the past to guide us in the present and into the future to our true home, Heaven. 

Authored by renowned Scottish Archbishop George Hay (1729–1811), this work, pulled from Bishop Hay’s The Devout Christian, examines our three chief enemies—the flesh, the world, and the devil—and how they conspire together to threaten our salvation. In this succinct text, Bishop Hay provides a field map to knowing your enemies, and learning how to defeat them.