Hostile Remnants

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Raekon, Sovereign of Organic Earth, is informed of a problem within the barricaded region known as Thistlebriar. He and the assembly members are distraught on hearing of the abuse and killings of people called meeks--revealed by an informer. Raekon decides to send a team of spies to Thistlebriar to investigate.

No one peaceful has ever entered Thistlebriar, since its creation more than 400 years ago. Chances of finding a solution to the abuse and killings are completely unknown. Raekon wants to save the meeks from their plight, but maybe it’s too late.

Corilan, Raekon’s mother, is changing—losing her abilities. She’s afraid of what is happening to her and sets out to confirm her suspicions.

Life on Organic Earth has been peaceful until now. Go with Raekon and Corilan and discover where the School of Ancestral Guidance Saga ends.


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