51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors Discover Hot Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

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Where can you find great prospects for your network marketing business?

Who are the best prospects? Where can you find groups of these prospects? And how can you attract these prospects to you and your multilevel marketing business?

In this book, 51 Ways and Places To Sponsor New Distributors, you will learn the best places to find motivated people to build your team and your customer base. So instead of searching and wasting time, you can get right to the very people who want your business and products.

Why 51 different places? Because not everyone wants to build a business the same way. Some people are comfortable on social media. Other networkers like building in person. Or maybe you just like using the telephone from the comfort of your home. And no matter which method you prefer, other people in your group may choose another method to build their businesses. There's something for everyone.

Talking to people at random is fine. But if you want to build your organization fast, you want to target your efforts directly to prospects who want your opportunity and products. Save time. Save energy. Focus on prospects who feel now is the best time for them to make a change in their lives.

Whether you choose the “Stair-Step Technique,” the “Bird Dog Technique,” or a “Promotion Party,” you will actively fill up your calendar with great appointments for your presentations. Just pick one that is comfortable for you and start building today.


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