First Sentences for Network Marketing How to Quickly Get Prospects on Your Side

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How to get more prospects to listen to you.

Imagine you were reading a newspaper. We don't read newspapers cover to cover. Instead, we scan the headlines for something interesting to read. 

If the headline is interesting, we may or may not read the article. But if the headline is not interesting, we never read the article. Even if the article was most fascinating article ever written, we would never see it.

It is the same with network marketing. If our first sentence is good, we have a chance. Our prospect may want to know more. If our first sentence is not good, or is not interesting, then our prospect does not want to hear anything more about our presentation.

Our prospects protect their time. They quickly make decisions to listen or not to listen based upon the first few seconds of our presentation. Is that fair? Of course not. It is just the way it is.

So if we don't have any prospects that want to listen to us, then it might be because our first sentences are boring or even terrible.

You will enjoy the principles and examples of great first sentences in this book. Attract more prospects and attract more presentations with first sentences that work.


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