The Adventures of Leo James Leo Needs a Home of His Own

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In the game of life, there will be many “firsts.” There will be ups and downs with new beginnings that lead to smiles or frowns. When one door closes, another door magically opens. Tides ebb and flow and so does life. Leo Needs a Home of His Own begins with Leo realizing he needs to feel safe and secure. Knowing you are cared for, loved, and accepted satisfies the need, from a young age, that “home” sets the pace where good values can nurture successful early development. The Adventures of Leo James everyday stories present problem/solution creative insights for meeting life’s challenges. A journey of faith, hope, and the ability to develop the courage to discover and take on the “uncomfortable” teach a child what is necessary for fulfilling the multitude of ascending achievements that happen as they pass through adolescence into adulthood.