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New York Times bestselling author, Personal Transformation guru, and life coach for the Steve Harvey Show and Today, Lisa Nichols shares her journey from scarcity to abundance, outlining steps everyone can take to create abundance in career, relationships, self, and finances—while creating a legacy for others to follow. With a foreword by Steve Harvey.

Twenty years ago, Lisa Nichols was a single mother dependent on public assistance and jumping from one dead-end job to the next. Determined to break out of the defeatist mindset, negative behavior, and bad habits that were holding her back from success, she resolved to change her life. Today, she leads the life of her dreams.

In Abundance Now, this icon in the field of personal transformation shares her secrets for creating a life that is rich in every way possible. Focusing on the four areas of life that must be refined to bring true abundance, or the 4 E’s—Enrichment, Enchantment, Engagement, Endowment—Nichols identifies the framework upon which a fulfilled existence is built. Abundance Now offers provocative lessons, actionable plans and real-life case studies, and makes clear what we must do every day to attract abundance, how to act as if we are already leading abundant lives, and how to open the door to a life of richness in our work, our relationships, our finances, and in our view of ourselves.


  • 001 Abundance Now

    Duration: 28s
  • 002 Dedication

    Duration: 52s
  • 003 Forward

    Duration: 06min
  • 004 Introduction

    Duration: 23min
  • 005 Chapter 01 Part 1

    Duration: 01h12min
  • 006 Chapter 01 Part 2

    Duration: 54min
  • 007 Chapter 02 Part 1

    Duration: 01h24s
  • 008 Chapter 02 Part 2

    Duration: 01h01min
  • 009 The Second E Part 1

    Duration: 01h06min
  • 010 The Second E Part 2

    Duration: 01h08min
  • 011 The Third E Part 1

    Duration: 49min
  • 012 The Third E Part 2

    Duration: 46min
  • 013 The Fourth E Part 1

    Duration: 01h03min
  • 014 The Fourth E Part 2

    Duration: 54min
  • 015 Chapter 06 Part 1

    Duration: 43min
  • 016 Chapter 06 Part 2

    Duration: 43min
  • 017 Conclusion

    Duration: 16min
  • 018 Bonus Tools

    Duration: 04min
  • 019 Acknowledgements

    Duration: 09min
  • 020 Credits

    Duration: 40s
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