What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know

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The rules of relationships have changed.

In our generational movement toward wholeness, women want to be more than mothers and homemakers and men aspire to loving relationships rather than simply being warriors and work machines. The age-old distinctions between male and female roles have blurred, and the rules of relationships have not yet caught up, creating confusion and frustration.

Our parents couldn't teach us what they didn't know. As children, the lessons we learned from the adult relationships around us did not prepare us for our current adult love interests and challenges. Today, men and women expect relationships to enhance the total quality of their lives, meeting both their practical and emotional needs. And, when the need for individual fulfillment clashes with the desire to have a lasting relationship, couples often resort to divorce.

With the extensive experience gained through his seminars, Dr. Gray has discovered several keys to happiness within relationships and shares this information with listeners. Through the development of relationship skills that address contemporary needs of individuals and couples, John Gray offers practical ways to enjoy and celebrate the differences between men and women and create long-lasting, fulfilling relationships.

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