Sixth-Grade Alien I Shrank my Teacher

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Pleskit Meenom, the first alien to go to school on Earth, is starting to fit in with his new class. It's not easy, given how slippery the language is. (Just how many meanings does the word "cool" have, anyway?) But the biggest problem is Jordan Lynch, the class bully who just can't resist picking on the new kid. Finally Pleskit and his new best friend, Tim Tompkins, decide to take action. But taking action when you have alien technology at your disposal can mean taking things just a little too far . . . and we do mean little! This hilarious mix of comedy, alien adventure, and social satire is enhanced by a brilliant reading from the late, great William Dufris (the original American voice of Bob the Builder), which School Library Journal said, "makes the recording a hoot!"


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