Philo Vance: Volume 3

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Detective Philo Vance first appeared in a series of novels written by S. S. Van Dine. In his original incarnation, Vance was a stylish fop but, by the time he made his way to radio, many of his arrogant edges had been smoothed out, giving him the charm he often lacked on the printed page.

In 1948, played by the inimitable Jackson Beck and supported by Joan Alexander, Vance deduced his way through 104 baffling mysteries in a syndicated series that would continue to be aired on local stations throughout the 1950s. If you love playing armchair detective, you can't go wrong with Philo Vance, particularly this third volume of twelve fully restored shows.

Chapters: #1 The Red Duck Murder Case #2 The Combination Murder Case #3 The Motor Murder Case #4 The White Murder Case #5 The One Cent Murder Case #6 The Racket Murder Case #7 The Cheese-Cake Murder Case #8 The Tic Tock Murder Case #9 The Deep Sea Murder Case #10 The Johnny 'A' Murder Case #11 The Blue Penny Murder Case #12 The Brotherly Murder Case