Forget this Ever Happened

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June, 1993.
City girl Claire has been shipped off to spend the summer in Indianola, Texas, a tiny town on the Gulf. There’s nothing too remarkable about Indianola. It’s Nowheresville: rundown, remote, and sweltering, the sunshine as hot as oil.

Except … there is something remarkable.
Memories shimmer and change.
Lizards whisper riddles under the pecan trees.
People disappear as if they never existed.
Yesterday keeps coming unspooled, like a videotape.

And worst of all, a red-lightning storm from beyond our world may just wipe the whole town off the map, if Claire and Julie (her new-friend-slash-maybegirlfriend) can’t stop it.

Because reality doesn’t apply in Indianola. Indianola is not supposed to exist.

A lush, thrilling genre bender, Forget This Ever Happened is the newest novel from award-winning author Cassandra Rose Clarke. Surprising, brilliant, and, like, totally tight, Forget This Ever Happened is speculative horror at its finest, featuring
an Own Voices Queer romance and dark, dazzling world-building.


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