Sleep and Grow Rich

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Want to be rich? "Then get your sleep!" urges bestselling author, success coach, and Fortune 100 consultant, Dr. Gary S. Goodman.

Goodman shows it's no coincidence that the two richest people on earth endorse the same, "bed-rock" success secret, as have most of the geniuses we celebrate, including Einstein and Edison.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Microsoft's Bill Gates are both clear-eyed about the need for more shut-eye. And they make sure they are getting enough to sustain and grow their incomes.

Yet today, in most workplaces, there is a dumb belief system and silent conspiracy to keep you poor, cranky, and sleep deprived. These miseries go together, according to the bestselling author of Sleep & Grow Rich!

In this essential book you'll learn that missing sleep is the culprit behind most occupational burnouts and industrial accidents. More car crashes are attributable to drowsy drivers than drunk drivers. Instead of making you more efficient and productive, robbing yourself of sleep is doing the opposite.

Being fully rested and refreshed will make you feel rich, now, and will lead to making the best decisions, while providing you the energy and patience to build wealth and well-being.


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