Greenhouse Gardening

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Do you love gardening and growing delicious food to eat?

Would you like to be able to continue growing throughout the year, rather than relying on the seasons?

Have you considered a greenhouse as a solution?

Growing our own food is something that many people enjoy. The pleasure of being able to provide vegetables and fruits from our own garden, that is often tastier than mass produced and shop-bought produce, is the obvious aim. But how can you grow a delicious crop at times of the year when it would normally be impossible?

This book, Greenhouse Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Build a Greenhouse and Grow Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit, Food and Plants All Year Round, provides the answer and could see you growing amazing plants and food with little effort, with chapters covering:

The best place to install a greenhouse in your garden

How to build a greenhouse

Different types of greenhouses on the market

Getting the size right for your requirements


Vegetable sowing and propagation

How to grow exotic fruits

And much more…

The ability to grow different fruits and vegetables all year round will have a big impact on your family’s eating habits and help to keep fresh produce on your table at every meal.

From basic tomatoes or cucumbers to growing things like grapes, peppers and other exotic foods, having your own greenhouse will make a big difference to your ability to grow year round!