Bitcoin Investing in Cryptocurrency Technologies the Right Way

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This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:



Book 1: Bitcoin has been dead, then a hype, and now it seems…. stable?




You might be wondering if investing in bitcoin is a good idea, and although nobody has all the answers (including me), it does help to understand what you invest in. Guides like these can help you find answers as to where the future lies of this digital cryptocurrency, and if other coins are worth investing into as well.


Let me take you by the hand and lead you along the path to enlightenment and comprehension!


Where does bitcoin come from? How do you acquire your first bitcoins? What are pros and cons? And what are the predictions for the future?


These and many other questions will be clarified in this book.





Book 2: This is a special book that will reveal the truth to you behind the hype. Bitcoin has been such a volatile currency that many people are confused, some are filthy rich, and others have lost everything.


What has made some people millionaires or even billionaires, and what has made other foolishly or unfortunately lose their cash in this?


Some of the answers to these complicated questions can be found in this book. We’ll go over some real-life examples of wealthy individuals who cashed in at the right time, bitcoin’s bullish history, some advice the richest bitcoin investors have given us, and lots more.


Be more educated now, so you can comprehend what you’re getting yourself into.