The IPhone 12 Pro Photography User Guide Your Guide For Smartphone Photography For Taking Pictures Like A Pro Even As A Beginner

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Maximize the use of your iPhone 12 to take great shots

A Complete Guide to Using the iPhone 12 Pro Camera

The best camera for the job is the one you have in your hands when there is an opportunity for a photoshoot, especially when that camera is the iPhone 12 Pro. The question then becomes, are you making the most of that powerful tool in your pocket? Do the photos you take seem to be from an amateur because of how blurry they look, and very different from the kind of picture you had in mind to take? If this is you and you want to be able to take incredible pictures with your iPhone, then this book is for you.

At the end of this book, you should be comfortable taking great shots with your iPhone 12 Pro even in low light conditions. You will also be equipped with the skills needed to capture awesome portrait pictures of people and nail down your composition such that others can be amazed at how professional your pictures consistently look, as you create jaw-dropping landscapes, food, and travel photos of the events you are involved in.

The book starts by covering some of the basic things about the iPhone 12 Pro and the relevance of some of these features on the iPhone and how they affect the quality of the pictures taken with it. In no time after you start using this book, you will begin to start snapping with your camera with far more confidence and dexterity than others who simply go through the motions of pointing their cameras at an object and taking pictures without some of these basic knowledge and skills.

With this book in your hands, you can move from being just a mediocre basic iPhone user to an iPhone photography specialist. It will save you the time and energy of stumbling into some of these features by deliberately exposing you to these features and functions.