Day Trading Learn the secrets of trading for profit in forex and stocks. Suitable for beginners.

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If you want to learn proven, scientific techniques to make a daily profit with forex and stocks trading, then keep reading.

Day Trading can be an amazing career. You can work from your home, when you want and where you want. You can earn huge amounts of money in a single operation and live the life of your dreams. Travels, cars and expensive clothes can be just a single trading-operation away.

But you can also lose big money.

Trading is not a game and day trading is not easier. Profitable day trading requires skills and techniques to apply, daily, on your trading accounts.

Sure, you can work a single hour per day.

Sure, you can earn in a day what you used to earn in a month.

But that’s not magic. You need to apply proven systems and step-by-step processes to ensure you earn more – hopefully, much more – money than you invest.

That’s what Day Trading by George Livingston is about.

Proven strategies, step -by-step methods and scientifically, mathematically profitable techniques to apply, every day, on your trading account.

Day Trading is a book for beginners: we will start from zero and build a good and solid knowledge of the world of trading. Then, and only then, we will dig into trading strategies to make a profit.

It may seem harsh. It’s a huge book. But it’s the only safe way to earn money with trading.