Technical Analysis Trading Indicators and Charting

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Imagine being able to predict the market.

Technical analysis is the science that studies the mechanical response to what happens in the market. With the help of mathematical laws and statistical forecasts, in fact, technical analysis is able to predict with extreme reliability what will happen in any stock market, options, currencies and much more.

Discover the secrets that allow professional traders to identify a specific model of market behavior and how this can be used to open a position to be closed profitably in the short or medium term.

By choosing this book you will learn:

▸ The assumptions of the Technical Analysis

▸ How to identify and exploit long and short term trends

▸ The market cycle

▸ The different theories behind the Technical Analysis

▸ Dow's theory at the base of Technical Analysis

▸ The three types of market trends and the phases of each trend

▸ How to use the turnover to confirm your forecasts

▸ The graphs supporting the analysis

▸ Technical oscillators

▸ Moving averages and Bollinger bands

▸ The RSI index and the MACD - and how they can help you

▸ Market indicators