Email Marketing Convert Leads Into Customers

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Email Marketing is the most effective marketing tool. Ever.

Among all the marketing techniques, online and offline, email marketing guarantees tremendous success rates. But you have to do it the right way. Old-fashioned Email Marketing consisted of collecting email addresses and send them smappy emails. This technique no longer works: you need to train the client, through a Lead Nurturing procedure. Email Marketing is a mix of techniques, copywriting, emotions and sales skills. The sum of these components can lead to unimaginable results.

With Email Marketing by Luigi Padovesi you will discover:

  • What is email marketing and why is it a great opportunity
  • What are newsletters
  • Transactional emails
  • What is it and how to use an autoresponder
  • The secrets to create effective Call To Action
  • The techniques to create engaging emails
  • Fundamental bases for email copywriting
  • How to analyze statistics and improve yourself everyday
  • Mistakes to be avoided at all costs

You'll discover the scientific method to convert through lead nurturing procedures and webinars and how these techniques can trigger in your customer the desire to buy your product.