Essential Oils The Joys of Aromatherapy, Hygge, and Minimalism for More Peace of Mind

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This is a book with 3 different books in it, but the topics are all somehow related to each other. The titles relate to these topics:

Topic 1: Many people have heard of Hygge, but most of them don’t know how to incorporate it into their lifestyle. Hygge is based on comfort, warmth in the winter, and simple designs that reflect a homy, cozy feeling.

Topic 2: This is a nice, quick guide to help you understand the application of essential oils. You will learn what carrier oils are, and why they are so important to mixing the right kinds of oils. Also, you will understand more about using essential oils for the following purposes:

How to treat allergies.

How to soothe the skin or treat eczema.

Treating bug bites.

Why you should use lavender for certain symptoms or health effects.

Making your migraines or headaches disappear faster.

Topic 3: Everyone is different, and there is nothing wrong with that.


However, what does this mean for the application of minimalist principles?


It means that minimalism is a stretchable concept that can be mixed into our everyday lives and into our personal lifestyle and choices. It also means that minimalists can be categorized, more or less, into different types. All these topics will come to light in this comprehensive book. Aside from that, the history of minimalism will briefly be explained, as well as the main steps for beginners to take.



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