Mythology Egyptian and Norse Warriors, Gods, and Goddesses

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There are 2 titles in this book, which are:

Book 1: How did the ancient Vikings live?


What was their society like?


This and many other questions about history and mythology will be answered in this brief guide. For example, an entire chapter is devoted to women’s roles in Viking society. Other chapters discuss the appearance of trolls and other creatures in Norse myths. You’ll find out why certain popular children’s movies have included Viking clothing and other elements in their narrative, what Viking art is all about.


Book 2: Are you familiar with ancient Hieroglyphs from the land of Egypt?


How about pyramids and temples?


Aside from touching on the facts related to these items and mysteries, this guide will also entertain you with specific stories that the Egyptian mythology has left us with. You will read more (or listen) about the experiences of Sinuh, the land of the dead they believed in, and the story of the doomed prince.