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Welcome to the Alpha Dude Podcast! A Podcast Created to help make you the Best you can be utilising The Alpha Dude System - it will also cover various aspects of Psychology,Social Dynamics,NLP & more


  • Self Discovery, a different perspective. Is Personality holding you back or the key to your future?

    06/01/2019 Duration: 31min

    There are multiple systems describing personality types. It is always useful to work out where you sit in relation to these. However, it is easy to get bogged down with the label, as such personality should be identified for a predisposition then analyzed for its strengths and weaknesses and finally examined for what you want to keep and how other aspects can be changed. Expert guest Michael Kass is onboard as well, to discuss personality from his perspective.  

  • Personal Upgrade. The different Approach to Self Discovery and Enhanced Abilities using the Alpha Dude System

    14/11/2008 Duration: 26min

    NEW Episodes, MULTIPLE Guests, UNLIMITED Growth In this episode, we examine Self discovery and then how to Upgrade yourself.  This podcast is primarily a psychological one, albeit watch for the philosophical underpinnings that are foundational to the system. These are where deep change takes place. Once we work on ourselves we must take into consideration our loved ones. This is where we meet our guest Jürgen Schmechel, Relationships Expert giving his take on personal growth and how it impacts your relationship.  

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