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Live life with energy, vitality and motivation. Hosted by TV presenter and author Tony Wrighton, this podcast delves into living with purpose and zest with some great guests.


  • How the colour red can help you sleep better, and more changes for vitality with author and trainer Evan Brand #6

    12/04/2015 Duration: 40min

    How can diet, fitness and sleep be used as the starting points for health and happiness? Tony is joined by a top guest. Evan Brand is a researcher, author, and host of the Not Just Paleo podcast. Stand by for some crazy but effective ideas on sleep, health and wellness in this week's show. He combines health, diet and training with many therapies including meditation, stress-management training and custom supplementation protocols to provide a well-rounded solution a variety of health struggles. He also, as you'll hear, is an expert on sleep, and you might be amazed by some of the ideas he has on how to improve your night-times. (We were.) When you listen you'll hear: Some scientifically proven sleep tips, and why the colour red could change the way you rest. How early in the day does your body start making melatonin. Why you need a "technology sunset." What's the perfect amount of sleep? Diet staples that you need. Bio-individual: Defining your individual needs instead of comparing yourself to other peop

  • What does a good day look like? With top performance coach Karl Morris #5

    02/04/2015 Duration: 29min

    What does a good day look like for you? How great would it be to have one of those good days today? Tony chats to Karl Morris, who's one of the world's leading performance coaches. He's worked with sportsmen and women at the very top of their games over the last 30 years. He specialises in golf where he’s worked with multiple major winners. When you listen you'll hear: How to design your very own 'good day' What to do right now to start upping your game How to cut through all the distractions in life for increased energy Use mindfulness for health and business, and hold your attention in one place The principles of being present and being focused The amazing story of the sportsman Karl worked with who drew a red spot on his equipment Changing your environment to trigger the state you want Setting 'directions' rather than goals and then focusing on process Being someone who has direction, and purpose and process too

  • The natural miracle that improves health, energy & sleep with magnesium expert Dr Carolyn Dean #4

    28/03/2015 Duration: 52min

    Why is magnesium so important? It can help with anxiety and depression, sleep, energy levels, with stomach problems, nerve problems and heart issues. So why aren't we all supplementing with magnesium? Well if you've had problems like the below, you might want to listen in. Today's Zestology expert is Dr. Carolyn Dean, one of the world's foremost experts on magnesium supplementation. If you want more energy and vitality in your life, magnesium might be the place to start. When you listen, you'll hear: If magnesium is so good for us, why don’t we ever hear about it from our doctors? Why your daily routine should include magnesium instead of 5 cups of coffee. “The ultimate chill pill” How much magnesium is too much magnesium? What you and LeBron James have in common? Signs of a magnesium deficiency How to balance magnesium with your prescribed medication How much water you should ACTUALLY be drinking And lots more...

  • Meditation, visualisation and awesome workouts with top Crossfit trainer Justin Wright #3

    21/03/2015 Duration: 27min

    Today's guest is Justin Wright. He's one of the world's top CrossFit trainers, based in Boston, USA. He's the founder of the Wright Performance method of training, and this chat throws up some fascinating subjects. When you listen you'll hear: How meditation and visualisation can help your energy levels Changing negative thoughts to positive energy How taking a scientific approach to your fitness and your life can make a massive difference Easy ways to collect data on your peformance and your life, and your sleep How using the Jawbone wristband can improve your energy during the day How to make positive nutrition choices that are practical for your everyday routine The new technology that can measure heart rate and blood pressure The importance of not over-obsessing and how to maintain perspective How changing your night-time habits can improve your motivation and energy levels during the day

  • 14 different ways to chill out with elite performance coach Dr. Stephen Simpson #2

    13/03/2015 Duration: 41min

    Dr. Stephen Simpson is an Elite Performance Coach, medical doctor, and NLP expert who specialises in a fascinating field. He's developed the niche of helping poker players win more money. In this podcast Dr. Steve tells Tony the fascinating story behind the poker player who used his relaxation techniques to help him win $1,000,000. Tony and Dr. Steve also set themselves the target of naming 14 different ways to chill out for more energy and vitality. But can they reach 14 without getting sidetracked? (Or even 4?) If you interested in health and wellbeing and motivation, today's show is perfect for you, with tips you can use right now and some fun along the way.

  • Incredible vitality and getting back to nature with film director Pedram Shojai #1

    08/03/2015 Duration: 40min

    This episode dives right in to living life with more vitality and motivation with special guest Pedram Shojai. Pedram is a world renowned author, filmmaker, and medical doctor who's made two awesome films, Origins and Vitality. When you listen you'll hear: How to feel healthy like you're in your 20s (whatever age you actually are). The outstanding morning routine that you can put into place tomorrow morning. What to do in the middle of your day to boost your vitality levels. How turning the lights down in the evening can make you sleep better. The incredible stats on people that sit more than 6 hours a day. We sit more than we sleep. How to sort this out. How sitting impacts our physiology in a very powerful way, and how you can practically sort this out during your working day. And so much more. Thanks for listening - what do you think? Please do leave your comments below.

  • Zestology introduction

    24/02/2015 Duration: 53s

    Short introduction to Zestology. If you ever feel like you could do with a bit more energy, more sleep, more motivation, or a bit more of a spring in your step, then this is the show for you. Hosted by Tony Wrighton.

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