Work Makes Me Nervous Overcome Anxiety and Build the Confidence to Succeed

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Some colleagues may experience less anxiety than others, but far more people than you realize are just as burdened by the pressure to perform well and the fear of what will happen they don't. That feeling is called "workplace anxiety," and if you suffer from it, you are not alone. For the millions of people who suffer from workplace anxiety, Work Makes Me Nervous is a truly effective self-empowerment training tool. Unlike books about how to manage time, Work Makes Me Nervous provides a cure, in the form of proven therapeutic method for empowering readers to dismantle the wall they have built up between themselves and their desire or necessity to excel at work. Work Makes Me Nervous trains readers in developing a "High-Performance Mind," by using Jonathan's "Mind State Graph" in a way that channels workplace anxiety into powerful performance. Work Makes Me Nervous provides real stories of real people, case studies, and practical exercises.