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Pirate Life is a show about excellence... for yourself, your community, and your globe. It's about informed, accountable people that make a difference and inspire others. It's about unity, health, and transcendence. It's about building a strong tribe.


  • Episode 15. Nate Harris, Ruben Rivera, & Edward McGovern III

    06/08/2013 Duration: 01h56min

    Myself (@Natronovitch), @TheRubenRivera, and Edward McGovern III (therapist and 10th Planet Santa Fe blue belt) joined @TaitimusMaximus in the office of Undisputed Fitness where we consumed copious amounts of Bulletproof coffee and talk about health, the Whole Life Challenge, jiu jitsu, and get unexpectedly joined by @eddiebravo.

  • Episode 14. Eddie Bravo

    18/06/2013 Duration: 01h41min

    The master and founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, @eddiebravo, talks about the Denny Prokopos / Justin Rader super fight, cutting weight, his upcoming rematch with Royler Gracie and more! He's hands down, the finest, most accessible and useful Jiu Jitsu coach I've ever had the absolute fucking privelege of learning from. I came to him as a strong purple belt in 2005, and have had the honor to call him my teacher since then. I"ve proudly carried the flag of !0th Planet since that time and have been continually blown away by his worldview as well as the way he takes the walls off of our sport and nurtures fertile ground for its growth.   I could go on and on about that...hes a badass musician and has a large body of great work...but it isnt nearly a composite picture, nor is this particular podcast telling of all he is. He's a world-shaker and a revolutionary...he inspires and questions and is a true heretic.  He is open and inquisitve and nurturing. He is a fantastic father and continually growing.   I cant say

  • Episode 13. Annie Lederman and Nate Harris

    22/05/2013 Duration: 01h20min

    I hung out in my apartment in LA joined by @annielederman and @natronovitch. Annie is a badass comedienne I know from Santa Fe who made her way to New York where she worked her way up the comedy ladder and recently made her way to LA. We discuss the hustle of the comedy world and what it makes to take it, how to properly pronounce her last name, and her history of sexual partner.

  • Episode 12. Nate Harris and Ruben Rivera

    17/05/2013 Duration: 01h45min

    @Natronovitch is a manager and CrossFit coach and @therubenrivera is the jiu jitsu instructor at my gym, Undisputed Fitness, in Santa Fe. We cover Nate's upcoming combat jiu jitsu match in LA this Sunday, spanx, boners, and all kinds of other interesting and deep stuff!

  • Episode 11. Greg Jackson

    13/05/2013 Duration: 01h40min

    Coach Greg Jackson found a spot to chat with me for the enjoyment of all you Bulletproof Badasses. We span the topics from kids in MMA/military operators/Synchronicity theory/MMA adaptation of nearly all literary, artistic, scientific thought/family, etc. As my coach, I couldn't be more proud to have him on. As a genius, what a privilege to learn from and speak with on a whole different level than simply as an athlete. The convo is really about a legend. A trailblazer in this beautiful sport. Coach is a man that worked through and created templates for success around problems that other coaches haven't encountered yet... dual contenders in the same camps... psychological health of athletes.. after plans for fighters... YOU NAME IT. Enjoy, ya'll. #staybulletproof

  • Episode 10.

    03/05/2013 Duration: 01h10min

    My friend Derik, solid human and stunt man extraordinaire, rolled from the 505 to the shores of Sunny Cali-forn-ia with me. He's one of the most interesting people I know and I could chat with the bastard for hours. He's a font of info and really interesting guy. I love him and you will too!

  • Episode 9. Arlo Rosner and Maynard Del Mar.

    17/04/2013 Duration: 01h15min

    My friend Arlo Rosner is a film producer and all around badass. He is joined by Maynard Del Mar, one of my besties who also works in the film biz. As usual, we start off business, get distracted, and talk about STD's... and morph into a convo about high performance/function/communal encouragement and excellence. I really liked this one because we all have seen each other through different incarnations; club kid/drug dealer/bouncer/etc.... TRANSCENDENCE, YA'LL!!!

  • Epidose 8. Camille Macres

    29/03/2013 Duration: 01h13min

    Camille Macres is the author of a fantastic cook book called "PaleoGasm". I spent the afternoon in her cooking class and was enthralled by her energy and knowledge. Her dishes were INCREDIBLE!!! I at once jumped at the opportunity to have her as a guest, and she agreed. We met, she had wine, some badass stew I'd made the day before, and my ADD coversation ensued! She was perhaps expecting something more formal. This was better! Finder at @reciperx!

  • Episode 7. Estevan Oriol

    16/03/2013 Duration: 01h48min

    This is LA. estevanoriol.com shows you a glimpse into this street artist/photographer/clothing/designer/innovator/trend setter.... the man's a BOSS. I met him at SA Studios where he and Mr Cartoon have built an empire from the street up. It was awesome, inspiring and left me reeling with how dope my life is. We touched on a little of everything and it left me eager for the next time... #thisislosangeles

  • Episode 6. Kevin Rankin.

    11/03/2013 Duration: 01h05min

    This edition features actor Kevin Rankin. A badass performer that I'm working with right now. He was incredible in Friday Night Lights and his mind is FASCINATING! He leans towards libertarianism and strives towards true freedom and empowerment. The chat took place in the hotel lobby in Abq, and a couple folks came in and out; our buddy Cory that does makeup for films, and the brilliant Jesse Plemons, of The Master, who may grace us on a future episode. I hope you all glean as much off it as I did!

  • Episode 5. Ari Shaffir and Nate Harris

    04/03/2013 Duration: 01h13min

    A nice chat went down at Urth Cafe on Melrose... Myself, @AriShafir, and @Natronovitch take in the sites, combat the busser over our right to record our voices. Going over Ari's sordid sexual history/his history of comedy and origins of the young genius. Similarities between figthing and comeday, and the webs in between. I think we meander into the famous Hard Rock Hotel fight where I pull guard and then squeeze a bully's neck til he's asleep while Rogan calms security. ENJOY.

  • Episode 4. Lucky Luciano and Cesar Silva

    24/02/2013 Duration: 01h19min

    Two LA OG's who flipped their lives into fashion.

  • Episode 3. Julie Kedzie & Emily Kagan

    20/02/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    WMMA - Invicta - weight cuts - diet - mindset - menstruation - and dating!

  • Episode 2. Nate Harris & Maynard Del Mar.

    08/02/2013 Duration: 01h13min

    Gay, Django, and other things pertinent to America. Guests 'Nasty' Nate Harris (@Natronovitch) and Maynard Del Mar (@Maynardo).

  • Episode 1. Cub Swanson, Lil John Dodson, Isaac Vallie-Flagg, and Clay Guida

    04/02/2013 Duration: 02h46s

    OG's of the fight game. Making the bills as a fighter. Why we fight, and much more...

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