How to be a Presentation God Build, Design, and Deliver Presentations that Dominate

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Unlike most presentation books that say the same old things regarding presentation design and delivery (i.e. less is more, get rid of bullets and use images, emulate Steve Jobs, etc), How to be a Presentation God will divulge the secrets for how to build, design, and deliver blockbuster presentations. Leveraging his signature style of humor and lightheartedness, author Scott Schwertly provides readers with entertaining and clever presentation insights, teaching the in?s and out?s for presenting yourself, your business, and your cause in an easy to implement and actionable approach. Revealing the best tips, tricks, and hacks about presentations, this comprehensive guide will highlight the four critical elements of world-class presentations--content, storytelling, design, and delivery--so that readers can develop their presentation skills. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION Chapter 1:  A Killer in our Midst THE NEW ERA OF PRESENTATIONS Chapter 2: Won?t ?Good Enough? Do? Chapter 3: Omniscient View Chapter 4:  The Pantheon of Presentation Gods CONTENT Chapter 5:  Don?t Ruin Their Day! Chapter 6:  You Matter Chapter 7:  They Matter Even More DESIGN Chapter 8:  Styles and Approaches Chapter 9:  Real Simple (Design 101) Chapter 10:  Choose Wisely DELIVERY Chapter 11:  Buckets and Butterflies Chapter 12:  BFD (TBD) Chapter 13:  100% All Natural Passion ENGAGE Chapter 14:  TBD RESOURCES About Ethos3