Winning Across Global Markets How Nokia Creates Strategic Advantage in a Fast-Changing World

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Winning Across Global Markets examines how 145-year old Nokia grew from a small paper mill in Finland to a multinational telecommunications leader. Why are Nokia's globalization lessons so critical across industries and worldwide? While most large  multinational companies enjoy inherent advantages in which their home base/country/flagship location often accounts for 30 - 50% of their revenues, small- multinationals like Nokia who have a home base market that generates less than 1% of its revenues are the exception in the global business world. To such a company, global advantage based on local success is a matter of life and death. To established industry leaders in the U.S., Europe and Japan, Winning Across Global Markets provides a roadmap for how to develop, capture and sustain competitive advantage. To ambitious challengers in emerging economies, it offers a guideline on how to topple the giants.  Based on Steinbocks exclusive access to and interviews with all chief/senior executives of Nokia from the CEO and chairman to the technology and design chiefs, as well as the regional directors, Winning Across Global Markets reveals the remarkable story of Nokias resilience and endurance in todays ever-changing world.