Your First Startup (Book 2), The Next Steps How To Accelerate The Transition From a Job To Your Own Business

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Wayne continues the journey from the first book. For the new or more experienced business owners he explains step-by-step, in detail how to make or continue the leap from traditional employment and create a business with enough income to pursue your dreams. This book provides the tools that a new entrepreneur needs in straight talk. The focus is on the 99% of new businesses not unicorns. If your ONLY goal is to get money from investors this is NOT for you. Wayne delivers real-world experience for those who share the vision that to offer something of value (a product or service) to paying clients is one of the best signs that you have a real business and not some unicorn chaser.

- Learn from his experience with his own lean startup venture. This hands-on book will launch you on your way.

- Avoid the mistakes that sink new businesses

- Expanded email marketing chapters, this alone will save you lots of consulting fees

- How to locate customers: how to capture and keep them

- Learn which advisors you need and the ones to avoid

- Make more intelligent decisions elevate your profits