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  • "A Dark Underbelly"; A Steyer Calling; Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Dies

    17/07/2019 Duration: 44min

    House Passes Resolution Condemning President's Racist Tweets; Four Republicans Voted For House Resolution Condemning President's Racists Tweets; House Resolution: President's "Racist Comments Have Legitimized Fear & Hatred Of New Americans & People Of Color"; House Voted 240-187 To Pass Resolution Condemning President's Racists Tweets; Four Republicans Vote "Yea" In House Vote To Condemn President's Racists Tweets; Every Democrat Voted For House Resolution Condemning President's Racists Tweets; President Trump's Racist Fight Against Four Lawmakers; President Trump: "I Don't Have A Racist Bone In My Body!"; Billionaire, Democratic Candidate For President Tom Steyer On President Trump's Racist Remarks; Steyer On The President's Tweets; Steyer: "Donald Trump Is A Failed Businessman"; Steyer On How To Win In 2020; Steyer: 2020 Election Can't Be About Pres. Trump; Steyer: "We Have A Broken Government";

  • Who He Is?; Racist Remarks; Taking On The President; Not Welcome Here

    16/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    Khizr Khan Reacts To Pres. Trump's Comments; Pres. Trump Tweets, Not Backing: "If You Are Not Happy Here, You Can Leave!"; Congresswoman Respond To Pres. Trump's Attacks; Rep. Omar: "This Is The Agenda Of White Nationalist"; Few Republicans Criticize Pres. Trump's Racist Tweets; Pres. Trump Defends His Racist Attacks On U.S. Congresswoman; Surveillance Reports Describe How Wikileaks' Julian Assange Operated From Ecuadorian Embassy To Meddle In 2016 Election; New Plans To Limit Central American Migrant Asylum Claims; Latest Administration Moves To Severely Limit Central American Migrants Seeking Asylum; Administration Enacts New Rule Limiting Asylum Seekers via Knit

  • Barry Closes In On Gulf Coast, Borderline Conditions; Mueller Testimony Delayed; New Departure

    13/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    Barry Closes In On Gulf Coast; Could Dump 20 Inches Of Rain; Labor Secy. Resigns Amid Outcry Over Sex Case Plea Deal; Sr. Admin Official: Pres. Trump's Confirmation Of Immigration Raids Is "Head-Scratching," Could Jeopardize Operation; Video Shows Crowded Conditions Inside Migrant Detention Facility; Mueller Public Hearing On Capitol Hill Delayed; "Life Threatening" Storm Could Test Louisiana's Levees With Up To 20 Inches Of Rain & Storm Surge; Mueller Public Hearing On Capitol Hill Delayed One Week; Prosecutors: Epstein Paid $350,000 To Potential Witnesses Against Him; Barry Expected To Make Landfall As Hurricane; New Orleans Ordering Residents To Shelter In place; "Life Threatening" Storm Could Test Louisiana's Levees With Up To 20 Inches Of Rain & Storm Surge; Barry Expected To Make Landfall As Hurricane; New Orleans Ordering Residents To Shelter In Place; Key Vote On Capitol Hill; Helping The Heroes; House Passes Bill To Extend 9/11 Victim Compensation

  • Who's Counting?; Pete Buttigieg And The African-American Vote; Deportation Raids Expected To Begin Sunday; Bearing Down

    12/07/2019 Duration: 41min

    Pres. Trump Ordering U.S. Agencies To Provide Citizenship Information, Instead Of Including Question In 2020 Census; Pres. Trump Drops Effort For Citizenship Question In Census, Directs Federal Agencies To Give Information To Commerce Dept.; Source Close To White House On Pres. Trump Retreating On Citizenship Question: "Reminds Of The Bad News Bears"; WH Official On Pres. Trump Dropping Citizenship Question In Census: He Does Not Like To Concede Anything..."; Sen. Booker On Immigration Raids Expected To Target Undocumented Families In 10 Major Cities Starting Sunday; Mayor Pete Buttigieg Joins Us; Immigration Raids Expected To Begin Nationwide Sunday; Buttigieg Talks Citizenship Question, Struggles With African-American Voters; Mayor Buttigieg Unveils Racial Justice Plan In Bid For African-American Voters; Buttigieg, Polling At 0% Among African-American Voters, Unveils Plan To Tackle Racial Injustice; Mayor Buttigieg Unveils Racial Justice Plan; Hurricane Warning Issued For Parts Of Louisiana C

  • Sorry, Not Sorry; New Tension In The Persian Gulf; Disinformation Campaign; New Orleans On Alert

    11/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    Former Florida Prosecutor Blasts Acosta, Says He "Should Not Be Allowed To Rewrite History"; Former Florida Prosecutor Calls Acosta's Comments On Epstein Case "Completely Wrong"; Former Florida Prosecutor: Acosta Scrapped 53-Page Indictment In Epstein Case "After Secret Negotiations"; The True Origins Of The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory; Iranian Boats Attempted To Seize British Tanker; British Ambassador Steps Down After Calling President "Inept"; Yahoo News: Russian Intel Agents Planted Fake Report About Seth Rich's Death, Sparking Conspiracy Theory; Yahoo News: Steve Bannon Pushed Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory While Working In White House: "It Was A Contract Kill, Obviously"; New Orleans Flooded By What Could Become A Hurricane via Knit

  • Megan Rapinoe One-On-One; Sen. Bernie Sanders One-On-One; "Here's The Beauty Part!"

    10/07/2019 Duration: 45min

    Federal Judge: Justice Department Can't Switch Legal Team In Census Citizenship Question Case; Pres. Trump: I "Feel Badly" For Secy. Acosta, Who Gave Epstein Plea Deal; Sen. Bernie Sanders On Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Fundraising Gains; Megan Rapinoe: "I Am Aware This Was A Huge Win For Us; Megan Rapinoe On "Equal Pay" Chant After World Cup Win; Megan Rapinoe On Equal Pay Lawsuit; Megan Rapinoe On Her Activism & Pres. Trump; Megan Rapinoe On Kneeling In Protest In 2016; Megan Rapinoe: Standing Up For Yourself And Others Is Uniquely American; Megan Rapinoe: Kneeling During The National Anthem Was Difficult, But Not Disrespectful; Megan Rapione: I Would Not Go To The White House, And Every Teammate I've Talked With Won't Go Either; Megan Repinoe Message To President Trump: You're Excluding People, Maybe Even People Who Support You; Megan Rapione On Invites To Capitol Hill; Political Game Changer Ross Perot Dies At 89 via Knit

  • Socialite Sex Offender; Border Battle; Environment Concerns In AZ; Cash And Consequences

    09/07/2019 Duration: 39min

    One-Time Pal Of Trump, Clinton Charged In Alleged Underaged Sex Scheme; Epstein's Ugly History, And Powerful Connections; Pres. Trump Fires Back At UK Ambassador Who Called His Admin. "Clumsy" And "Inept"; Source: British Amb. Disinvited From Tonight's Dinner With Pres. Trump, Treasury Secy. And Others Calling Admin. "Inept"; Pres. Trump Says He Will No Longer Deal With UK Ambassador Who Labeled His Admin. "Inept", "Clumsy"; Pres. Trump Says Iran "Better Be Careful" As Tehran Increases Uranium Enrichment; "The Children Cried Constantly"; Pres. Trump Defends State Of Border Facilities, Despite Unsanitary And Overcrowded Conditions; NY Times: Some Children At Clint Detention Ctr. Had No Beds And No Way To Clean Themselves; NY Times: CBP Agents At Clint Detention Center Raised Red Flags To Superiors About Conditions; NY Times: Outbreaks Of Scabies, Shingles And Chickenpox Spread At Clint Facility; NY Times: CBP Agents At Clint Facili

  • Former VP Joe Biden Defends Himself In Exclusive CNN Interview; Reaction To Biden Interview; Loco For Coco!

    06/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    Biden Defends His Record In Exclusive CNN Interview; Former VP Joe Biden Sits Down With CNN; Biden Defends His Record On Desegregation And Busing; Biden Defends Himself: "Look At My Record"; Biden: I Didn't Want To Get In That Scrum With Harris; Biden: I Wasn't Prepared For How Harris Came At Me; Joe Biden Insists "People Know Who I Am"; Biden: "I Don't Think I'm Having Trouble Sparring"; Biden On Debate Performance: I Know How To Spar; Biden: Pres. Trump Is A "Divider-In-Chief"; Biden: Pres. Trump Is "The Bully That I Knew My Whole Life"; Biden: "It's A Disaster" To Try To Do It Alone With No Alliances Overseas; Biden: "We Need Allies"; Biden: Pres. Trump Is Dissing Allies, Embracing Thugs; Biden: Pres. Trump Is "Stiff-Arming" Our Friends Abroad; Biden: There Will Be No Nato If Pres. Trump Is Re-Elected; Biden: Pres. Trump Gave Kim Jong Un Legitimacy, Got Nothing; Biden: Idea That Trade War Benefits Anyon

  • What Was That Question, Again?; Primary Shakeup; Border Breakdown; Independence Day; The 2020 Shuffle

    04/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    Trump Administration Reverses Course On Census Citizenship Question; DOJ "Instructed" To Find Way To Include Census Citizenship Question; Pres. Trump: "We Are Absolutely Moving Forward" With Citizenship Question; "Living Far Better Now Than Where They Came From"; Migrant Children Draw Haunting Images Of People Behind Bars; Pediatrician Weighs In On State Of Children In CBP Custody; Julián Castro Weighs In On Migrant Conditions; Pres. Trump Tweets Migrants In Custody "Are Living Far Better Now Than Where They Came From"; "General" Concerns About Military Fourth?; Pres. Trump's 4th of July; Tanks, Troops, Flyovers; Military Chiefs Concerned About Politicization Of Pres. Trump's July 4th Event; Sen. Kamala Harris Stumps In Iowa On Independence Day-Eve; New WaPo/ABC Poll: Biden 30%, Sanders 19%, Harris 13%; Sen. Kamala Harris Stumps In Iowa On Independence Day-Eve; New Reaction From African-American Voters In South Carolina Post Debates; Race & The 2

  • We The People ... Or Me The People?; Surprise Inspections; House Democrats Sue For Pres. Trump's Tax Returns

    03/07/2019 Duration: 39min

    Pres. Trump To Host DC July 4th Event With Tanks, Flyovers; Shocking New Report And Photos; The President Vs. New York's Attorney General; DHS Watchdog Warns Of Dangerous Overcrowding At Border Detention Facilities; One Official Calls It A "Ticking Time Bomb"; New York Atty. General On Her Investigations Of The President; New York Attorney General Responds To Pres. Trump's Attacks; N.Y. AG Responds After Pres. Trump Says N.Y. Gov. Cuomo "Uses His Attorney General As Bludgeoning Tool For His Own Purposes"; N.Y. AG Responds After Pres. Trump Says She "Is Harassing All Of My New York Businesses"; Trump Administration Won't Ask About Citizenship On Census; House Democrats File Lawsuit To Obtain Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Verdict In Trial Of Navy Seal Accused Of War Crimes; Military Jury Finds Navy Seal Not Guilty Of Murder In Isis Detainee's Death via Knit

  • New CNN Polling Shows Harris Surge, Biden Slump; 9/11 First Responders; New Allegations; Role Questioned

    02/07/2019 Duration: 40min

    There's Just Something About A Dictator; Minority Leader Chuck Schumer On Pres. Trump, North Korea, Iran; Schumer: Pres. Trump's Foreign Policy Is "Erratic"; Dem. Lawmakers Decry Conditions After Border Facility Tour; McConnell Commits To Passing Funding Extension In August; New CNN Poll: Biden's Lead Shrinks To Five Points After First Dem. Debate; Harris Surges To Second; New CNN Poll: Biden Drops 10 Points, Harris Moves Up 9 Points To Second Place After Debate; Federal Officials Investigating Reports Of Cruel, Lewd Customs And Border Protection Agent Facebook Group; Ivanka Trump's Role During Historic Trip Questioned; Ivanka Trump Makes Presence Known On Father's Asia Trip; Ivanka Trump Speaks With World Leaders, Joins meeting With Kim Jong Un On Father's Trip; Remembering 9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez via Knit

  • Biden Touts "Lifetime Commitment to Civil Rights" After Harris Slammed Him on Race, Busing in Rough Debate

    29/06/2019 Duration: 38min

    Bruising Night for Joe Biden Puts Him on the Defensive for the First Time During 2020 Campaign Season; Biden Touts "Lifetime Commitment to Civil Rights" After Harris Slammed Him on Race, Busing in Rough Debate; Biden's Statements, Positions on School Busing Could Haunt Him; Pres. Trump Praises Saudi Prince, After Cozying-Up to Putin and Pining for Kim Jong Un; Former Pres. Carter Says Russian Interference in 2016 Would Show Pres. Trump Didn't Actually Win the Election; Mayor Pete Buttigieg Splits Time Between Campaign and Police Shooting Crisis via Knit

  • Top Tier Candidates Biden, Sanders on Same Debate Stage

    28/06/2019 Duration: 40min

    Sources: Biden Will Defend and Explain Past Record But Wants to Pivot, Moves Ahead; Sources: Biden Will Embrace Ability to Work in Bipartisan Way; Top Tier Candidates Biden, Sanders on Same Debate Stage; House Passes Emergency Bill on Border Spending; Progressives Angry Over Pelosi Compromise; Supreme Court Allows Partisan Gerrymandering; Delivers Blow to Trump Administration on Census; High Court Blocks Controversial Census Question; Says Partisan Gerrymandering Doesn't Belong in Courts; Tillerson Transcript Details Feud with Kushner; Two Women Who Support Assault Claim By Writer E. Jean Carroll Speak Out via Knit

  • CNN Gets Look Inside Controversial Texas Migrant Facility

    27/06/2019 Duration: 40min

    New Video Shows Bodies of Drowning Victims Placed Into Hearse on Southern Border; CNN Gets Look Inside Controversial Texas Migrant Facility; Attorneys Seek Federal Court Order to Allow Public Health Experts Inside Migrant Facilities; Wash. Post: U.S. Asylum Officers Ask Federal Court to Block Border Policy; Say it Threatens Lives; Senate Passes Its Version of Emergency Aid to Border; Conflicts With Already Passed House Version; Senate, House Pass Differing Versions of Emergency Humanitarian Aid to the Border; Pres. Trump Smears Mueller Ahead of His Public Testimony, Falsely Accuses Him of Deleting FBI Text Messages; First Big Test for 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Begins Tonight in Florida with Round One of Debates; Pres. Trump Feuds with Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe; via Knit

  • Shocking Photo Shows Migrant Father and Daughter Drowned at U.S.-Mexico Border

    26/06/2019 Duration: 40min

    House Vote Expected on Border Funding Bill; Shocking Photo Shows Migrant Father and Daughter Drowned at U.S.-Mexico Border; Manmade Humanitarian Disaster as Migrant Children Face Squalor, Lack of Sanitary Conditions; Jessica Leeds, One of 15 Women to Accuse President Trump of Sexual Misconduct, Reacts to E. Jean Carroll Claim; Democrats Hoping for Breakout Moments at First Presidential Debates, Biden Still Leading Pack; Sen. McConnell Meets with 9/11 First Responders, Commits to Passing Funding Extension by August; Govt. Prosecutors Unveil More Information Against Rep. Hunter; Former Republican Administrator Blasts Trump Admin.'s Refusal to Acknowledged that Climate Change is a Threat; via Knit

  • Pres. Trump on His Most Recent Accuser: "It Never Happened; She's Not My Type"

    25/06/2019 Duration: 41min

    Pres. Trump on His Most Recent Accuser: "It Never Happened; She's Not My Type;" In Latest Interview, Pres. Trump Assails Joe Biden, Saying Biden's "Embarrassed" Obama Isn't Endorsing Him; Pres. Trump, Pence Blame Dems for Filthy Conditions Where U.S. Keeps Migrant Kids via Knit

  • Iran Strikes Approved By Pres. Trump, Then Pulled Back; Pres. Trump Faces Assault Allegation From New Accuser

    22/06/2019 Duration: 41min

    Pres. Trump Says He's Not Looking For War With Iran, But Warns If It Comes There Will Be "Obliteration Like You've Never Seen Before"; Pres. Trump Faces Assault Allegation From New Accuser; Pres. Trump: We Were "Cocked & Loaded" For Strike On Iran, But I Called It Off With 10 Minutes To Spare; Source: After Pres. Trump Called Off "Cocked And Loaded" Attack On Iran, He's Focusing On Sanctions Instead Of Military Action; Pres. Trump: I Called Off Iran Strikes With 10 Minutes To Spare, Was Told "150 People" Would Die, Decided "Not Proportionate"; Writer Says Pres. Trump Assaulted Her In The Mid-1990s; President: It's A False Accusation, Never Happened; Marchers Confront Buttigieg Over Fatal Police Shooting; WSJ: Barr Looking Into U.S. Intel Finding That Russia Wanted Pres. Trump To Win; SC Voters On Biden's Comments About The "Civility" Of Segregationist Senators; Meet A Pioneer Of Historic Apollo 11 Moon Mission; "Apol

  • Tensions Between The U.S. And Iran; Booker Won't Apologize To Biden; Hope Hicks Transcripts Released

    21/06/2019 Duration: 40min

    GOP Congressional Leaders Call For "Measured Response" Against Iran After U.S. Drone Shot Down In Disputed Location; U.S. Insists Drone Was In International Airspace; U.S. Releases Coordinates Of Drone Flight; Insists It Was In International Airspace; Pres. Trump On Response To Iran: "You"ll Find Out"; Pres. Trump: "Probably Iran made A Mistake"; Source: Joe Biden Calls Sen. Booker After CNN Interview, Booker Won't Apologize For Criticism Of Former V.P.; Biden, Booker Speak On Phone After Backlash Over Biden Citing Segregationists; Hope Hicks Transcripts Released; Hope Hicks Tells Judiciary Committee She "Lived" Mueller Report; A Few Words About Anderson's Mother via Knit

  • Hope Hicks Testimony Stalls; Biden Attacks Booker; 100 Days Without A White House Briefing; Erasing The Past?; Transparency?

    20/06/2019 Duration: 40min

    Just Say No; Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Nadler Vows To "Destroy" White House Privilege Claim In Court After Hope Hicks Testimony Stalls; Hope Hicks Testimony On Capitol Hill Hits A Wall As White House Claims Wide Privilege, Won't Even Let Her Say Where She Sat; Biden Attacks Booker; 100 Days Without A White House Briefing; Biden Fires Back At Booker; Biden: Rival Cory Booker Should Apologize For Criticizing Him After Former VP Said He Could Be "Civil" With Two Segregationist Senators; McConnell Under Fire; Sen. McConnell Denounces Reparations: "We've Elected An African-American President"; McConnell: "We Paid For "Sin Of Slavery" By Electing Pres. Obama; Intended Target?; Prosecutor: David Ortiz Was Not The intended Target In Murder-For-Hire Plot; How Much Of Pres. Trump's Campaign Rally In Florida Was Factual?; Pres. Trump's Florida Rally Full Of Familiar Themes, Falsehoods; 100 Days Without White House Press Briefing via Knit

  • Pres. Trump 2020 Campaign Kick Off Rally; Acting Secretary Exits; Mass Deportations?

    19/06/2019 Duration: 48min

    Pres. Trump Moments Away From Officially Launching His 2020 Campaign; Pres. Trump In Orlando For Campaign Kickoff As New Poll Shows Biden, Sanders Would Beat Him In Florida; What Happened To Vetting; Acting Defense Secy. Shanahan Resigns, Addresses Reports Of Domestic Violence; Pres. Trump Doubles Down On Threat Of Immigration Roundup; Pres. Trump Doubles Down On Threat Of Immigration Roundup As He Officially Launches 2020 Campaign In Florida via Knit

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