Druid Arcane A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel

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When his ancient druid master falls critically ill, Colin goes on a plane-walking quest to find a cure. Can the journeyman druid rescue the god of healing in time to save his oldest friend?

I thought that learning magic from a druid master was tough, but that was before I started taking lessons from an insane quasi-god.

For six long months I’ve been suffering under Click’s tutelage, boning up on my magic skills so I can survive the wrath of several Celtic gods and find a cure for my druid mentor, Finnegas.

It’s my fault that the old man is hanging on by a thread, and I’m determined to save his life. 

Between surviving Click’s crazy-arsed magic lessons and being harassed by the huldufólk, I’ve been trying to track down the Celtic god of healing. Only Dian Cécht can heal my master—and, he’s the only god Click trusts to do the trick.

Unfortunately, DC has been damned hard to find. And just when we finally got a solid lead, Loki’s brother showed up to throw a wrench in the gears.

Okay, so I may have killed Loki’s nephew. It’s not like he didn’t have it coming.

Bottom line? I might have to fight an army of fire and frost giants to save Finn’s life.

It’s a good thing I brought my wading boots, ‘cause it’s about to get deep…

What Readers Are Saying:

"An amazing world building author. The characters and plot lines have you sucked in and begging for more! Love it!" ~Andrea L.

"His books are great, the Junkyard Druid series is amazing. I've read them all and hope there's more." ~George C.

"The Colin McCool series is amazing. Found myself enthralled by the action, storytelling and comedy from start to finish. desperately awaiting the next installment!" ~Mic R.


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