Resonance A Cyberpunk Experience of Reclaiming Human Culture from the Machines

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Personal AIs are great… unless they are spying on you

Locked out of her bank accounts and kicked out of her apartment Alice doesn’t think that her life could get any worse. Until it does. A hacker bent on Alice’s capture will stop at nothing before she is stopped, or worse. Soon men in suits are chasing her through the streets of New York who seem to be several steps ahead. Miscreants from every corner of the city attempt to stop Alice’s quest to liberate original music. 

As the new threats loom, she enlists a skilled hacker and network defender to help. Can Alice fend off the attacks from the new wave of intruders? Does technology have it out for Alice?

Find out in the latest installment of the Cyber Overture saga. Grab your copy of Resonance today!

If you like Snow Crash, Cyberpunk, and Music then you will love Resonance

Author’s Note: Listeners should experience this volume of the Cyber Overture series in order. Please Listen to Sonorous and Chromatic before enjoying Resonance.