Foods That Defend First Contact with the Enemy Within

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In a world in which poor nutrition has become the norm, diet-related illnesses continue to rise. Coffee shops and fast food restaurants dot every corner, mixing up sugary drinks and frying up the cheapest bits of meat, making dietary inflammation all too easy to access. While you may have already noticed that sluggish, icky feeling after finishing your order of extra-large fries, this non-nutrient dense food is causing more than just a brief period of gastrointestinal discomfort. 

   Nutritional diseases are defined as diseases or conditions that cause illness in humans, related to deficiencies or excesses in a person's diet (1). A few examples of these conditions are: 

●   Obesity. 

●   Heart disease. 

●   Cancer. 

●   Diabetes. 


Many of these conditions can cause lifelong complications, lower quality of life and a shorter lifespan if not addressed and treated. 

But did you know that, while what you eat can cause these issues, it can also fight these very problems? In this book, we will cover what exactly constitutes a healthy diet and how you can achieve the optimum balance of nutrients to improve your health, energy levels and overall quality of life. I will teach you exactly how to activate your body's defense systems, to keep you safe from nutrition diseases and so much more; all with just food!