The Outcast Chronicles Complete Series

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The Outcast Chronicles is an epic mpreg shifter series that takes a small, rag-tag team of bounty hunters and turns them into a tight-knit pack of found family, fighting a war that started centuries ago... but will end with them.

This audiobook includes all six books from the series, including four brand-new epilogues that happen years after the final book.

Freedom For His Omega

Lonely alpha Asher finds the perfect mate in a wounded mountain lion guarded by a scarred grizzly shifter with visions of the future, if he can allow himself to love.

Acceptance For His Omega

A one night stand leaves Nick with a baby and no way to contact the other father, Dallas, until a dangerous arsonist appears again.

Healing For His Omega

Widowed, pregnant, and mourning his kidnapped son, the last thing omega hawk Benjamin wants right now is a serious relationship. So he seeks comfort in the arms of Kurt, the one man he doesn't have to worry about falling in love with him, until makes them both realize what they might lose.

Rebirth of His Omega

Fire is the one thing Ryan fears, after it took his family from him. Too bad his true mate is the Phoenix, a creature born of fire who has loved Ryan through many centuries and lives.

Waking His Omega

Simon didn't realize how alone he felt until the dragon Ryeth bonded mentally with him. The two are meant to be together, if only they can free Ryeth from his prison of ice.

Reaching For His Omega

Grizzly alpha Caspar long ago resigned himself to a loner life, never suspecting that the future he saw with Asher Lambert's pack of outcasts would ever be more than a means to an end, that they would become his family. And then he meets a man whose future he cannot see...


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