Survived, Endured and Beaten Cancer God’s Grace Saved Me

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The story of how the author’s life with bowel cancer first began, after the diagnosis and operation, how he coped with many years of pain due to abdominal adhesions plus the twisted colon at a later stage, how he overcame it and eventually beat it altogether and became pain free. It is also a reminder to cancer survivors and sufferers that at any stage of cancer and in whatever pain they are in, they must not give in to it or become negative or pessimistic. It brings hope, positivity, encouragement, confidence, inspiration and optimism to all who are struggling to cope with cancer and the aftereffects. The author also explains how big the difference in being alive, living and having his life saved is compared to not having his life saved and being dead. The excitement of the author has been there right from the beginning because to him it is a miracle. This is also education as well and may help people when reacting to an initial diagnosis, how to exercise while in pain, how not to eat and drink certain things when given advice by a professional and how to adapt to living while in pain. It also says that anyone affected by cancer should be strong-willed, believe in themselves and try as hard as possible to find a solution when they are going through hard times. It may also be of a big help to medical professionals plus anyone studying cancer and similar related conditions.


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