Monarch Butterfly 2.0 101 Reasons to Love Our Favorite Orange and Black Butterfly A to Z

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The Monarch Butterfly 2.0: 101 Reasons to Love Our Favorite Orange and Black Butterfly from A to Z is the second edition on the monarch butterflies that will expand your knowledge and admiration of the favorite and most loved butterfly in the history of man.  

After the first chapter summarizes the first edition, called Monarch Butterfly 101: Learn About Monarch Butterflies in One Sitting, some of the topics to whet your learning appetite are:

  • Exciting news and events about the monarchs such as the Blitz 
  • Explanation of scientific names with tips on how to pronounce them 
  • How to become a monarch expert on a professional level such as a lepidopterist
  • Ideas of what you can do as a monarch advocate, such as tagging monarchs
  • Tips on monarchs, including fun butterfly-related activities for the kids to do 
  • Monarch mysteries answered, such as how they know where to migrate to
  • Answers to FAQs about the monarchs, like why global warming is a threat to them 
  • Little-known facts about the monarchs, such as how they are able to navigate
  • Lessons to learn on how you can help save the monarch by spreading awareness 
  • Fun things to do, like having your next reunion or party at a butterfly conservatory 
  • How to have a vacation in Mexico with a tour to see millions of monarchs

About the expert: Jessica Dumas has been a freelance writer since 2002 after starting her virtual assistant business called The Butterfly Connection. She specializes in writing blogs, product guides, and books, including children's books, but her favorite thing to write is poems. Her passion is butterflies, and much of her work reflects her love of the monarch butterfly.

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