Morning and Evening Thoughts

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One of the first great modern writers of motivational and inspirational books, James Allen has influenced millions around the world through his classic work "As a Man Thinketh". In the same way, "As a Man Does: Morning and Evening Thoughts" presents beautiful and insightful meditations to feed the mind and soul.

In each of the sixty-two meditations - one for each morning and evening of the month - Allen offers both the force of truth and the blessing of comfort. The meditations presented in "As a Man Does" are spiritual jewels of wisdom, reflecting the deepest experiences of the heart.

As a book, its mission is simple: To lift the soul of its reader - "in the hours of work and leisure, in the days of joy and sorrow, in the sunshine and in the cloud." Whether you are familiar with the writings of James Allen or you have yet to read any of his stirring books, this beautiful volume is sure to move you, console you, and inspire you - every morning and every evening of your life.