The Me I Meant to Be

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Girl Code: Never date a friend’s ex.

Willa Evans has no intention of breaking the code. So what if she’s always secretly loved her next-door neighbor Zach?
As her best friend’s boyfriend, he was always off-limits and it needs to stay that way, even though they just broke up.
Even though every time she turns around he’s there, tempting her …

No keeping secrets from your bestie.

Flor Hidalgo has a lot on her plate: her breakup with Zach, her dad’s new dating life, and her struggling
grades. So why can’t she stop thinking about her hot, know-it-all tutor? At least she’s got Willa, her constant
in the chaos.

Breaking the code breaks friendships.

In this steamy romance, two friends discover that when it comes to love and friendship, some rules are meant to be
broken or—better yet—rewritten.


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