Reaching For His Omega M/M Alpha/Omega MPREG

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He can see everything...except a future that includes love.

Grizzly alpha Caspar, long ago, resigned himself to a loner life, never suspecting that the future he saw with Asher Lambert's pack of outcasts would ever be more than a means to an end or that they would become his family. And then, he meets a man whose future he cannot see.

He always expected to have a family. He just didn't expect to adopt a dozen kids at once. Rabbit omega Theo Ward was happy with his position as the head librarian, content to let love find him when it was meant to be. Instead, 12 homeless kids found him. Theo will do anything for them, even stand against the giant bear who has come looking for them.

Their only focus is the children or so they keep telling themselves. But will the attraction and mystery be too much to ignore? Is it possible that Caspar actually has a future he cannot see?

Reaching for His Omega is the last book of The Outcasts Chronicles, and it is highly recommended you listen to them in order. It features a dozen shifter kids with powers and giant chips on their shoulders, a protective rabbit, and a giant grizzly who's really a teddy bear inside.


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