Obama's Dream A Divine Revelation in the Style of Shakespeare, a Primer for the Days of Trump

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To Heaven and Back Again, in Shakespearean Verse!

(Author’s Narration)

A great epic poet for our age, LeRoy recalls the otherworldly scenes of Dante and Homer as he takes the former president on a visionary journey through time and space, even to the throne of God!

What lessons must the politician learn before he hands over the keys of empire to Donald Trump? He has an angel to guide him, a philosopher to counsel him, and the lessons of history to instruct him. But will he heed Heaven's message?

This story may remind the reader of Scrooge's awakening in A Christmas Carol, Homer's scenes of warring gods, or Dante's ascent with Beatrice, all brought to life by the author's riveting narration and varied cast of voice characters.

Now the revelation awaits you!

"Absolutely wonderful and hypnotic narration, his voice flowing over gently with the narrative song of his words."

Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

"This is the fourth book by Abdiel LeRoy that I've reviewed, and hands down, uncontested, it is far and away the most hilarious... immensely entertaining, well researched, creative, thought-out, and delivered, even in British accents (masculine and feminine)."

William Mortensen Vaughan


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