The 4 Season Solution The Groundbreaking New Plan for Feeling Better, Living Well and Powering Down Our Always-On Lives

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In this paradigm-shifting health book, number one New York Times best-selling co-author of The Whole30 and It Starts with Food reveals a powerful new program to help us feel happier, healthier and less stressed.

Fatigue. Burnout. Weight gain. Disease. Despite seemingly endless programs designed to help us lose weight and regain our health, listeners are more overworked, overtired and overweight than ever.

In The 4 Season Solution, Hartwig reveals the four keys of health—sleep, eat, move, connect—and explains how we can reconcile the needs of our ancient bodies with the demands and complications of modern life. Today, more than at any point in history before us, we are more disconnected from the natural world. Our ancestors would have honoured the changing seasons, adjusting their sleep, eating, exercise and socialising habits, based on the light, weather and available food options. They would have slept more in winter, traversed longer distances in summer.

But we wake before the sun rises and go to bed long after it sets. We spend most of our day indoors in artificial light conditions. We can eat tropical fruits from halfway around the world in the dead of winter. We exercise in climate controlled environments doing the same routine year round. We connect virtually instead of emotionally and physically. We go, go, go, until we pass out exhausted at the end of the day by the constant blue light of our phones.

In other words, we are living in an endless summer, and it’s killing us.

The 4 Season Solution provides a new, sustainable model for living more in sync with the natural rhythms of the universe. By making small but meaningful changes to each health key over the course of the year, listeners will reclaim their health, regain their energy and let go of excess weight.