Intimacy the Beginning of Authority

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So this is how it all begins. You walk up to the altar one day and you give your life to Christ. You become a citizen of His kingdom, and you start to learn everything there is to know about this awesome Creator and the love He has for you. One day you muster up the courage to start a conversation with Him. On another, you take a giant leap of faith and you dare to listen, to hear Him speak back to you. Now you've done it, the thing that 99% of the earth's population will never do: you've entered into dialogue with the Living God. This is intimacy and intimacy is the beginning of authority.

In this book you will learn:

  • Four things about God that will never change
  • How to reposition your thinking as it relates to the heavenly realms
  • How to pray with authority over your territory.
  • How to forge a friendship with the Living God.