Adventure Books for Kids 3 Adventurous Stories for Kids (Children’s Adventure Stories)

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3 adventurous stories for kids. 

Story 1: Lupus has been struggling in the pack he lives in. The dens are being destroyed by mysterious creatures, he has seen sheep on the other side of the canyon, and the pack is pressuring him to provide a solution and food to survive. Starvation is near, and villagers with guns are merciless. Will Lupus find a way to provide his pack the necessary means to survive? Hear all about it in the diary he kept.

Story 2: Casey is a horse at a farm, but she is bored…terribly bored. She wants to explore more, so she gathers her friends and takes off on a journey. The journey involves being chased by people, stealing keys, train rides, dodging malicious monsters, and helping other animals by guiding them home. Follow the fun story of a horse who finds what she is looking for through the various situations she gets herself and her friends in.

Story 3: Milky thinks her life is pretty boring. She stands in the grass, eats the grass, sleeps, and gets milked by a farmer. But her life is about to change with some action and romance when she is wins a medal for being the best cow of the year, meets a brave bull who protects and saves her, and gets attacked by zombies before her dream comes true. Find out more about her changes and circumstances by listening to her own account: the diary of a cow.


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