The Crazybrave Songwriter A Spiritual Guide to Creative Songwriting

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Find Your Song. Fall in Love with Your Creative Journey. Discover a Piece of Your Heart.

Are you a songwriter who feels frustrated? Do you have unfinished masterpieces sitting in a drawer somewhere? Do you feel stuck, confused and paralyzed in the process? Do you have feelings of inadequacy, comparing yourself to other great songwriters out there?

Then you’ve picked up The Crazybrave Songwriter just in time. In Lisa M. Arreguin’s breakthrough guide on the craft of songwriting, she will show you a way out of your creative malaise by helping to clarify, build, and deliver your musical message in every song you write. 

This book is for the Crazybrave songwriter who:

  • Is just beginning and wants to challenge themselves to achieve something beautiful, creative, and new in their lives
  • Is unsure about how to craft a great song and needs some real working tools to support their efforts
  • Wants to write songs for the world to hear, despite what others may think
  • Is searching for creative authenticity in the music they write, wanting to feel the love of music again
  • Might be frightened to move forward, but knows that they must honor the nagging pressure they feel in their gut that says, “Do it!”

No matter where you are on the songwriter’s journey, this book will inspire you to trust in the unfolding of your own creative spiritual process. Crafting a song is not about the notes on a piece of sheet music, a flurry of melodic lines on your instrument, or the accolades you might receive from adoring fans—although these have their place. This book is about Crazybrave courage and challenging yourself to move ahead on a sacred path of self-discovery, using the powerful creative medium of songwriting. Welcome to the journey. 


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