The Truth About Caffeine

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Is caffeine safe? And if so, how much?

Learn everything you need to know while supporting a worthy cause!

 Coffee, soda, energy drinks/pills and tea are popular favorites all over the world. They taste good, keep us awake and are sold virtually everywhere. But did you know that they're all loaded with caffeine? Up until now, the medical community has remained divided on the potentially negative effects these favorites could have on overall health. But more and more studies reveal that caffeine may not be safe in large quantities. And for some people, even small quantities may cause damage to delicate bodily systems.

The Truth About Caffeine exposes what some industries don't want you to know about this highly addictive substance. By downloading this book, you can take real steps towards improving your health and supporting The Adrenal Foundation--an organization dedicated to promoting adrenal health education and helping individuals and families affected by adrenal disorders.

Caffeine is a drug that does not add any nutritional value to food or drink. The Truth About Caffeine presents a strong case for why it has never been proven safe and why caffeine consumption should be monitored and, in some cases, avoided. The book digs deeper into:

 * The darker side of caffeine consumption

* Facts the beverage, confectionary and pharmaceutical industries don't want you to know

* Caffeine's potential role in heart disease, hypoglycemia, central nervous system disorders and certain cancers

* How to improve your overall health with regard to caffeine consumption

* And more

 A portion from the proceeds of The Truth About Caffeine will go directly to the Adrenal Foundation. It's available in print, ebook and audiobook format. Get your copy today to support an excellent cause and learn all you need to know about safeguarding your health from the effects of caffeine consumption.