The Magnitude of the Cross Understanding the New Birth

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What did the Lord mean when He said…Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God? The answer might surprise you. Understanding Regeneration should be a priority for every Christian, and in understanding what it means to be Born Again the glory of Christ and the Work of the Cross is magnified in the heart of the Believer. As we set aside some popular misconceptions about what Scripture teaches concerning our Salvation, we begin to understand the harmony and consistency of God’s Redemptive Plan and His will for our lives. There is joy awaiting those who have not yet come to understand the Magnitude of the Cross, and the benefits of New Covenant Relationship with God. For the New Christian, the Bible Student, and even for those hostile to the Word of God and Christ, now is the time to replace common misconceptions with what the Word of God teaches about Salvation in Christ.