Poisoned Book One of the Silver Falls Cozy Mystery Series

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The cinnamon buns in the Secret Ingredient Bakery are mouth wateringly delicious with a soft dough, just the right amount of cinnamon filling, and delicate drizzled icing on the top to finish. They are magical, delectable and … poisonous? 

Mayor Silverman came into the bakery for a treat and left on a stretcher. Destination? The mortuary. 

Cassie, the owner of the bakery, and member of the local coven, is accused of the malicious murder. She and her four witch friends - quirky Lily, glamorous Harmony, quiet Bailey and young Gina - form the Witches Murder Club in order to clear her name - and more importantly - the reputation of her cinnamon buns.  

With the help of Cassie’s cat familiar, Anubis - snarky, descended from Egyptian royalty, and Jeeves-like in manner - they go on the hunt to remove Cassie from the suspect list and find the real murderer.

With a touch of romance, a hint of magic, and a dash of charm, this cozy mystery will be sure to entertain!