The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever. Short Version

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In The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever, the initial relaxation that starts off the guided meditation The Rose Garden has become the main event. This is an easy relaxation exercise that works for everyone, regardless of whether you have never done a relaxation exercise before or have meditated several times per week for years. The versions of the exercise without brainwave entrainment can also be done by children over 10 years old.

The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever begins with tuning into the sensations of your breathing. After that, you will get help relaxing first your feet and legs, then your hips, then your stomach, chest and back, followed by your hands and arms, then your neck and throat, and finally the muscles in your face. Once your whole body has relaxed you will have five minutes to just rest in this short version. (In the original version, you have 10 minutes.)

The Easiest Relaxation Exercise Ever can be used for many different things. This short version is especially good for unwinding and recharging on your lunch break, for example.

Do not listen when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Background music: Daydreams by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Narrated by the author.

Sophie Grace Meditations is a Swedish meditation instructor who focuses on writing guided meditations that can be used repeatedly and that she personally would like to listen to. Sophie Grace Meditations has also released several guided meditations and relaxation exercises in Swedish under the pseudonym: Sophie Grace Meditationer.